Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance in Georgia

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) insurance is a type of for-hire coverage designed to protect business vehicles used to transport patients to medical appointments on a pre-arranged basis.

NEMT livery differs from other forms of livery in a few important ways. Unlike taxi services, NEMT businesses are typically compensated by Medicaid or medical service providers.

NEMT vehicles lack the lightbars and sirens commonly found in ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Minivans, passenger vans and SUVs are among the most common commercial autos used for non-emergency medical transportation.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Requirements

Insurance carriers usually have a set of non-emergency medical transportation requirements and rating factors you’ll need to consider. These include:

  • The vehicle’s age and seating capacity – Many insurance carriers have requirements for older vehicles or vehicles exceeding a certain number of seats.
  • The age of your drivers – Younger drivers might affect your eligibility.
  • The vehicle’s features – Vehicles equipped with lightbars, sirens and life support equipment, including oxygen tanks, are typically prohibited.
  • Safety equipment and written procedures – Your insurance company might have guidelines for vehicles with wheelchair access.

The municipalities and private facilities you work with might have minimum coverage requirements. Be sure to check your business contracts for exact coverage needs.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Costs

Your NEMT insurance cost depends on a variety of factors, including your:

  • Location and travel radius
  • Driving history
  • Vehicle’s value, including any attached equipment
  • Vehicle’s age and type
  • Claims history
  • Coverage needs

Make sure you’re not risking quality coverage for a cheaper insurance rate. It’s important to have a non-emergency medical transportation insurance policy that both fits your budget and offers adequate protection.